I like boxes. Contrary to popular belief, boxes can be good. 
As Biz Stone once said (or was it Confucius?)...

"Constraint inspires creativity."

I'm also a difficult person to try and put into a box. And I like that too. Creative director, art director, designer, mentor, judge, client-whisperer, amateur photographer, illustrator, decent writer, brother, father, husband, and all-around tech nerd. One box just ain't gonna cut it. 

But since you're here to learn a little about me, let me try...
My first office was a cubical (or should I say box?) at Leo Burnett. 

Since then, I've worked at these great places...
...creating content for incredible brands like these.
Earning a few awards and accolades over the years. 
(Probably sitting in a box somewhere.)
Working with folks like these...
Oh, here's a kick-@ss box I challenged myself to build for under $1000. Mission accomplished by using the Clover method to install a dual-boot OS (Windows 10 and macOS Mojave 10.14.3), powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of ram, 2TB of SSD storage, and the Radeon RX 560 for graphics support. 

My creation has been appropriately dubbed...
And I've owned and unboxed all of these smartphones. (Yeah, I have a problem.)
So I don't hate on boxes. On the contrary, I use them to my advantage. For me, knowing their contents, limitations, and boundaries helps me go well beyond them. 

I believe I've done alright. :)

If I'm your brand of crazy and you're interested in hearing more, drop me a line: desircreative@comcast.net. Thanks for looking!
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